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At Gilberts Elementary we have SUPER TEACHERS!

2014 Spelling Bee Winners

1st Place - Donovan Lundy

2nd Place - Evan Korabik

3rd Place - Sneha Chowdhury

Our school wide behavior system uses the acronym G.O.L.D. to remind students of behavior expectations all around the school.

Gilberts Elementary School is located in Gilberts, Illinois and serves approximately 700 students in grades K-5.

We are asking our students, staff and community to stomp out bullying!


Content Building

 I'm a Grizzly!

I believe in me!

I will try my best!

I will choose to

have a great

day...  TODAY!



Phone: 224-484-5900
Fax: 224-484-5915
Gilberts Elementary
729 Paperbark Lane
Gilberts, IL 60136
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