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Mr. Craig Zieleniewski-- B.A. Michigan State University, Elementary Education-- M.A. Aurora University, Educational Leadership

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Dear Families,

Welcome to Gilberts Elementary!

We are excited to have the opportunity to teach your child.  At Gilberts Elementary we foster a safe and caring environment with purposeful communication, respect, and responsibility while developing the foundation for college and career readiness.

As your child moves from kindergarten to fifth grade at Gilberts Elementary, he or she is building an important foundation for his or her later years.  Each new skill and experience builds on this foundation, so that by the time your child is graduating from high school he or she will be ready for college and career.

The partnership between home and school is so important to the success of our children.  We love having parents in the building.  Always feel welcome to actively participate in your child's education through volunteer opportunities and the Parent Teacher Organization.  The teachers and staff at Gilberts Elementary work extremely hard to ensure your child's success in the classroom.  They are always looking for parents to volunteer their time.

Staying active in your child's education will make a difference.  You can call your child's teacher to talk with them before 7:50 A.M. or after 2:15 P.M.  If you do not see homework coming home, please check your child's homework sheet or assignment book for their assignments.  Most students will have homework every night.  Please contact your child's teacher if there are questions about homework assignments.  All children should read or be read to at least 15 minutes each night.

Another vital component to the success of Gilberts Elementary is communication.  Through classroom newsletters and a weekly Virtual Backpack we strive to keep you informed.

Attendance is very important to your child's education.  If your child misses a day of school, a valuable day of learning has been lost.  This is a day that can never be made up in your child's education.

I'm often asked, "What makes Gilberts Elementary so special?"  The answer is simple.  It's the people.  We have hard working students at Gilberts Elementary.  We have supportive parents at Gilberts Elementary.  We have a talented staff at Gilberts Elementary.   

If there is anything more that we can do to make your child's experience at Gilberts Elementary more successful please call or stop by.  Together we can ensure your child's success!



Craig Zieleniewski



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